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We believe that creating a successful web presence should be easy and affordable. Our pledge is to provide you the best-quality, most fully-featured services at reasonable prices.

The Beginning
Trafficpullz™ - was founded in 2001 and incorporated in 2006 - as a customer service oriented web hosting company. By starting small, and limiting growth to a steady and manageable pace we were able to build a solid foundation for our hosting business. This foundation was built mainly on our staff's software engineering knowledge and the bulk of our internal and external systems for managing all operations effectively. Integrating third party software with our own to optimize our business practices became second nature as we continued to grow our client base.

We started as the proverbial “a one man show company” with engineering background and strong sense of customer service to work with. Providing good service became our edge as we strived to address all client issues as fast and efficiently as we could. Creating genuine relationships with clients (many of whom are now our friends) has been a pleasant side-effect of this commitment to customer satisfaction and we've had the opportunity to travel across the India to meet our hosting clients face-to-face.

Trafficpullz - Today
For “Trafficpullz v.2 - Trafficpullz Online Solutions Pvt Ltd ” we sat down and took a different approach to our business. So much good applications and processes have been adopted internally that we thought it made good business sense to cater need for each client. Everyday we work hard to ensure that each client's query is resolved. In year 2008, NQA ( has certified us ISO 9001:2000 certifications for our quality of support and system processes.

Let's not forget about web hosting however. We are investing a huge amount of resources in taking our internal optimizations (softwares, control panels, servers, technical traning & processes) and exposing them to our clients. This will allow us to further enhance the Trafficpullz client experience through a more tightly integrated and more consistent interface.

The Future
The garage days have been over for a while now and while we all sit in offices now we sometimes go home at night to work in the garage again for old times sake.

Our focus is our clients and their requirements, and this will never change. We will continue to morph our business as our client's needs change as we've done in the past. We'll also continue to diversify our offerings to cope with what the market will bear. Our web hosting business is moving in new directions to satisfy new markets. While “busy” has become the Trafficpullz™ word of the day we will try to do one thing regardless of what's on our plate, and that's have fun.

Our Business Philosophy:
Make it Quick and Easy: Whether you are a first time website builder or an experienced programmer, we believe that creating an Internet presence should be quick, easy and trouble-free. You should have TOTAL CONTROL on the system.

Provide the Best Resources: The tools and resources used, are developed and integrated with the user in mind. We offer Next Generation Control Panels and options to experience the power of web.

Back it up with Full Customer Support: Our knowledgeable and responsive support team is equipped and ready to answer all your questions to help create your web presence.

Make it Affordable: We've been in the web services business since 4 years - a long time by Internet standards. We have invested in a secure data center housing the best hardware and software infrastructure that guarantees the highest standards in the industry. Our years of experience have taught us to maximize efficiency to keep costs down.

Support who supports you: We strongly believe in supporting our supporters - RESELLERS. We invest our time, money and resources to build, maintain and expand strong reseller channels.

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We have been with Trafficpullz last 7 years, and trust them for our IT Infrastructure and Hosting needs. They have been the best.

Dr. C J Roy - Chaiman and Managing Director,Confident Gr oup