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PARALLELS® VIRTUOZZO CONTAINERS provide patented virtualization technology that creates isolated virtual environments with protected process and memory space. Key advantages of this vps hosting type (over  XEN) include lesser "virtualization overhead" and a reduced memory footprint for common software packageSHARED DATABASE CLOUD provides our customers with access to database services, including Microsoft  SQL Server 2005 and MySQL 5.0 free of cost, without the need for them being installed on the virtual private  server.GROW WITH US. 8 Years in Business and a strategic association with MICROSOFT and PARALLELS gives us  the depth and expertise to serve your business. All Windows VPS hosting plans can be upgraded "on-the-fly"Full Control over your containers, Restart, Reboot, Deploy components,
Applications using Remove Desktop  Connection®

   Shared Database Cloud
   Plesk 10 Pricing (optional)
   Plesk 10 Features (optional)
* VPS Hosting is available on monthly payments, client requires to subscribe for automated payments using Credit Card or Minimum 3 month of order
1. All dedicated IP assignments must be under our IP Usage Policy
2. The external database services are provided on external database servers and are not the part of your virtual private server hosting account and cannot be managed by Plesk. You'd be given a separate control panel to manage them. MySQL is also installed locally on your Windows VPS account with Plesk and you could also use this local MySQL server for yourself and your clients. You can install any database server (including MSSQL or MSDE) on your VPS hosting account and use DB services directly from it rather than depending on our external DB services.
3. Plesk is available on request. Upon activation, you must notify sales if you require Plesk and with which version.
4. Once Plesk has been installed (if you approve it), you would need to log into your virtual private hosting account using Terminal Services or Remote Desktop and launch Plesk from the desktop. You could then begin configuring and using Plesk VPS hosting. You may need to refer to the Plesk Manual. If you need assistance, you can contact our support team via ticket or live chat.
5. You are free to install JSP/Tomcat on any VPS plan for your JSP hosting needs. However to use JSP/Tomcat with Plesk (i.e. to allow Plesk to manage it), you'll need to choose a virtual private server hosting plan with the Plesk Power Pack installed. Only the Power Pack has the JSP plugin.
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Starting at 399/- र Per month
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Starting at 70/- र Per month
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Starting at 6,999/- र Per month
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We have been with Trafficpullz last 7 years, and trust them for our IT Infrastructure and Hosting needs. They have been the best.

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