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Protect your valuable data,

Trafficpullz Secure Cloud Backup solution is best fit for Single users or corporates. It automatically takes backup of your valuable data on Secure Cloud Drive.

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Protect your files against Loss, Theft, Viruses, System Crash and natural disasters.Share Business Data securely and privately in the office or across globe with whomever you want to.Sync your critical work across all your computers.Access your data from any web-browser. You can do all of that and more On-The-Go from anywhere securely and with just a click

Trafficpullz Cloud Backup for Desktop and Servers.
is an invaluable tool for businesses. Wheather you are business user or single user. Computer failures, missing or stolen laptops, and corrupted files are facts of life and without a fail-safe backup, your business is exposed. Copying files to USB drives and keeping track of the same is sometime irritating process.

Trafficpullz Secure Cloud Backup users enjoy the peace of mind and flexibility that comes from knowing that their company’s data is protected with our AES-256 encrypted automatic backup - for all their computers and employees.

Collaboration is also a necessity for today’s businesses. Our file sharing and remote access features ensure uninterrupted productivity between employees both inside and outside the office. Our multi-way sync function means that files are constantly updated as work is done on them, keeping teams in sync as project progresses. Store anything - videos, audios, softwares, financial datas, photos, office documents.
Secure Backup for Desktop

Desktop Edition brings the power of the cloud to your desktop. Securely backup, sync, and access your valuable files across all your computers. Stay in control of your data with our easy-to-use tools, automatic backup and unlimited storage.

Securely backup your files faster using
        less storage space

Share files between multiple computers
        from anywhere

Easily sync files between multiple computers

Unlimited cloud drive storage

Secure AES-256 encryption with a key
        you create and control
My Secure Backup
Desktop Save Time
Save time & money with Backup Vaults
Our unique Backup Vault feature makes backups more efficient and reduces storage costs with compression and a server-grade de-duplication technology that prevents you from ever backing up the same data twice.
Desktop Local Drive
Works just like a local drive on your computer
Simply point and click to open and edit your files as if they were already on your computer with the Secure Backup Disk Network Drive.
Desktop Access
Access the latest versions of files from anywhere
The multi-way sync feature lets you edit a file on any computer, even when offline, and have it automatically updated in your online storage and on other computers using Secure Backup as you connect
Easily Manage
Easily manage your files from any computer
Our software makes it easy to access and sync your files through our secure website or our USB version that you can carry with you.
Backup Security
Protect your data with server-grade Encryption

Our Secure Backup uses AES-256 encryption - the highest in industry, which gives you enterprise-level protection for your data. Because you create and control the security key, you truly control, access and own your data.

Secure Backup for Windows and Linux Servers

Trafficpullz Secure Backup - Server Edition provides fast, easy, secure and flexible backup for Windows - and Linux-based servers. Just schedule the application and leave it on it. It will automatically takes backup on Secure Cloud and gives you reliable off-site backup for your critical server data.

Secure online backup for Windows and
        Linux Servers

No file size or backup limits

AES-256 encryption with a key you create
       and control

Advanced compression and de-duplication features

Easy remote management on a Mac, Windows       or Linux based computer
My Secure Backup
Desktop Save Time
Save time & money with Backup Vaults
Designed specifically for server backups, Backup Vaults offer block-level compression and de-duplication making backups more efficient and reducing costs 10-20x compared to traditional backup solutions
Desktop Local Drive
Easy remote management
Manage your data from anywhere with any Mac, PC, or Linux based computer using Trafficpullz Secure Backup Server Management Client. Install it on multiple admin machines at no additional cost.
Desktop Access
Restore files from any backup
Set a retention period and rest assured that you can restore your data to its exact state at any backup during that window.
Easily Manage
Backup Reporting that makes your job easier
Get easy to understand backup reports for all your server dedicated via web, E-mail or RSS
Backup Security
Enterprise grade encryption that you control

Because you create your AES-256 encryption key, your data is encrypted before your download it and remains safely encrypted while stored assuring your complete control, access and ownership over it.


Trafficpullz Secure Cloud Backup Pricings
Backup Size
Price per month
Price per year
10 GB
20 GB
30 GB
40 GB
50 GB
Frequently Asked Questions


Desktop Edition
What is Multi-way Sync ?
Our Application makes it simple to sync files between multiple computers. Multi-way sync allows you to sync the folders on your computers with the folders on your cloud-based online backup – and with the folders on your other computers. This ensures that no matter which computer you use, you always have access to the latest backed up file.
What are Backup Vaults ?
Backup Vaults are also unique to Trafficpullz Secure Backup. A Backup Vault uses block-level de-duplication and compression to make backups faster and more efficient, and greatly reduce your storage usage. Block-level de-duplication works by only backing up files that have changed since the last backup so you don’t backup the same unchanged file again and again.
What is maximum amount of data I can store ?
There is no limit ! We have users with multiple Gigabyes and Terabyes of data.
Isn't your Trafficpullz Cloud Storage for people with lots of data to backup ?
Heck, no. Our pricings and plans lets your protect even a smallest amounts of data for minimum charges for a month. Infact, many users have preferred our solution to streamline their backup and storage solution.
What is the maximum file size that can be stored ?
There is no limit to total number or size of files you can backup. For the Network Drive feature, there is a file size limit of 5GB. Note hat package files on Mac, such as Aperture vaults or iPhoto libraries, are actually directories made up of many files. The 5GB limit does not apply to the total package size, which can be virtually unlimited.
How many files can I store in a folder ?
That's up to you and your operating system. While we have no specific limit to the number of files you store in a particular folder, performance may be impacted if you have over 50,000 files in a single folder. There's no limit to the number of folders and subfolders you can create.
It there a monthly limit to the amount of data I can store ?
No, you can upload and download as much your internet bandwidth allows.
Can I access my files from the web ?
Yes, web access is available to allow you to access your data from virtually any web browser around the world.
Can I get notified when my backups run and if there were any issues ?
Absolutely, Just configure Remote Backup Reporting in our application, which allows you to receive reports on the web or via e-mail and RSS. It's easy to stay on top of your backups and make sure you hear when it completes, and any errors occur.
How secure my files are ?
We love this question, because we use AES-256 encryption - a government and industry standard that's one of the most well-studies and most well-studied and most secure encryption algorithms available.

Trafficpullz Secure Backup uses a unique key for each file, and constructs the key using a HMAC file that helps protect against certain attacks. The master key is based on password YOU choose, known to your and not stored with us.
Server Edition
How does Server Edition differ from the Desktop Edition ?
Desktop Edition is designed with business desktops and supports backup, sharing and sync. Server edition is designed for server backup with special server-only backup features and remove management capability.
How does Remote Management work in Server Edition ?
Unlike the Desktop Editions, which are managed by a local GUI on the computer running Secure Backup, the server Edition is designed to be managed remotely from any Mac, Windows or Linux based computer using Trafficpullz Secure Backup - Server Management Client

After logging in to your Secure Backup account, you'll see a list of all servers currently running Secure Backup on your account. Then you can choose the server you want to manage/configure. Once you connect to a server, the Server Management interface allows you to configure backups, view backup history etc. This also allows you to backup multiple servers remotely.
How many servers does Server Edition support ?
There is no limit to the number of servers you can backup.
Can I access my files from the web ?
No, Server Edition does not include a Network Drive feature of Desktop edition and it does not support web access to archieved files. You need to have our application running on your Mac, PC or Linux based computer to access your files
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