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Google AdWords is the market leader in Pay per Click Advertising and in our experience it usually offers the best ROI for businesses. For some markets, other pay per click providers such as Overture may offer a better ROI.

This page summarises the major benefits of using Google AdWords PPC Advertising to promote your website.

Maximising ROI on advertising budget.
With Google AdWords, you are able to reach your customers at the precise moment they are looking for your products or services. When users search on Google, they a’re demonstrating which products they are interested in. With AdWords ads, your customers will see your ad next to relevant search results they have requested. In addition, your ads could also appear on relevant search and content sites within the Google Network. With Google’s precise targeting and the ability to control how much you a’re willing to pay per click, the end result is a higher return on investment (ROI) for your advertising budget.

Targeted Advertising - Showing the ad to people who want what you have.

With Google AdWords, you only reach people interested in your products and services. That is because your ad only gets displayed to people seeking information related to the keywords chosen. So instead of looking for an audience, you have an audience that's looking for you.

Wide Advertising Coverage
Your ads can appear on or on regional search results such as as well as the Google Network of search and content sites, which includes AOL, and Amazon. The Google Network reaches more than 80% of Internet users worldwide. Whether you need to make contact with countless thousands or a select few, Google AdWords can reach them on a regional, city, county, national or global level. AdWords even allows you to create your own customised target area by designating a geographic radius or boundary. And, should you need to advertise internationally, AdWords lets you target your ads in about 40 different languages, throughout more than 190 countries.
Contact us for a realistic quotation to manage your Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) advertising campaign. We are also able to offer very competitive quotations for managing a broader range of Internet Marketing activities such as pay per click advertising, natural search engine optimisation, reciprocal link management, and submission to relevant Internet directories. The reason for this is the significant overlap in work for many of the above services.
AdWords(TM) is a Trademark of Google Inc., Mountain View, California. Trafficpullz is an independent consulting & online solutions providing company and is not affiliated with Google.
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